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Yoga music functions,not only can be used as an auxiliary practicing yoga,more as a daily relaxation and rest to the better way.You can take it as a pure music appreciation,also can regard it as the bedtime lullaby,heavy pressure can be brought by it relieves stress work,so that the stressful life becomes more relaxed, t25 guidehappy,healthy and sunny. Music for meditation, relaxation,potential in stimulating internal.Let the body and mind in harmony between man and nature of the corresponding,new energy supplement rapidly,t25 freeconfident...Music for meditation,is a characteristic,promising modern forms of music currently popular in many countries.In this music and nature sound under the guidance of music therapy,accept the whole body relax,eyes closed,as if return to be filtered ads to nature,in accordance with the different life experiences and memories and subjective mental activity, can obtain the comfort,health, brain health,health effects.Meditation Music divided into,meditation and wake up at three a stage.The introduction stage,is in the music and sound of nature's guidance,t25 how many daysand gradually relax,eliminate distractions,natural breathing,gradually into the meditation stage.Meditation is the stage,completely relaxed,with music and sound of nature into the hazy,like sleep not sleep or sleep lightly free fantasy wonderful realm.The body and mind to obtain the full rest, wake up the stage, is gradually restored to the waking state, in music and sound of nature under the guidance of this time,t25 hard on knees you will feel cool, the body is relaxed, the spirit of joy, be full of go. Five lines of music,according to the Chinese medicine "the five tone therapy" theory,using different modal and sound regulation effect on human viscera,combined with modern music therapy and. With treatment,health care,appreciation effect.Often listen to physical illnesses,health care,edify sentiment.Buddhist music,beautiful melodies,mildly sweet,the quiet,delicate,refined,elegant,unique taste, the expression of emotion,is cannot be substituted by other music. Some such as the dream,like a cloud leisurely feeling,suitable for meditation nature,t25 hybridhave the effect of Qi fitness.Some contain be cynical,without dispute,and indifferent to fame and wealth, happiness within.Tea ceremony,music,indulge in music,from various natural sound "by the music and tea",feel the clear tea,elegance,charm,net,Ming, Xian,Yi,aromatic fragrance world.Along the beautiful tea ballad show human landscape a tea and long fragrance.A cup of tea,a love,a song of a king.Come on,feeling a leisure,enjoy the tea fragrance.Other music sounds beautiful, delicate and gentle,seems to bring people into the longing for the land of peach blossoms,it is so beautiful,happy,quiet, good,the taiping.

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